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Harris Unity Mobile


The Unity XG-100M Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio's user-centric design delivers unprecedented interoperability, ease of use, and advanced capabilities in a radio that users can depend on for years to come. The unity XG-100M is the only mobile radio that provides full spectrum multiband frequency coverage, Harris' proprietary noise suppression capability, next-generation touchscreen color user interface, and built-in GPS and Bluetooth® wireless technology.The XG-100 can scan continuously across all bands and encryption types. Additionally the radio can scan Conventional and P25 Conventional channels while on a P25 Trucked system. The Unity XG-100M puts unprecedented connectivity in the hands of its users.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Wireless audio and data accessories for the CH-100 control unity are supported by built-in Bluetooth technology.

Extended Channel Capacity

Using the CH-100 control unity, the XG-100 is designed to maximize interoperability by providing the channel capacity necessary to operate on many systems across all frequency bands; able to store 1,250 channels/talkgroups and 512 system profiles per mission plan, able to store up to 10 mission plans for a total of 12,500 channels/talkgroups and 500 system profiles, and can be completely reconfigured from the front panel by loading different mission plans for different situations.