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The Harris XL-185P Single Band portable is an LTE-ready P25 Phase 2 radio. Based on the industry leading multiband XL-200P radio, the XL-185P merges LMR technologies for leading-edge connectivity so you stay connected no matter where you are. It is engineered for audio excellence, pairing a powerful 1.5 watt audio amplifier with woofer and tweeter speakers complete with resonant cavities and tuning ports to deliver the highest-quality sound experience of any handheld radio available today. This powerful 3-watt portable also supports voice and data over LTE broadband. Users have the flexibility to purchase the XL-185P as a single-band radio today and upgrade to LTE at a later date, as organizational needs change. The Harris XL Series radios are manufactured in the U.S., in Rockchester, NY.

* Available in VHF (136-174 MHz), UHF (378-522 MHz), 700/800 MHz (768-861 MHz) and 900 MHz (896-944 MHz)
* Instant recall of the last 5 received calls to avoid missed transmissions
* Wi-Fi connectivity for voice delivery outside coverage areas through the Harris BeOn application
* Optional cell modem for voice and data wherever cellular/LTE is available
* Built-in GPS, Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelation, and 4-position A-B-C-D switch comes standard
* Front Display is 1.8" transflective LCD, 16-bit color with backlight
* Top Diplay is 1.1" multi-color backlight, sunlight readable
* Available encryption includes: Encryption Lite (ADP/ARC4 compatible), DES and AES
* Available in Midnight Black or High-Visibility Yellow


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