Category: Harris Repeaters

The Tait Harris TB9400 repeater is open standards compliant, ensuring interoperability among agencies.  With the built-in software voter and simulcast controller the TB9400 will save you the need to purchase additional equipment, provide you a reduced need of rack space and money.  This repeater has made smooth migrations easier than ever before, and is capable of analog simulcast over IP, P25 Phase 1 and P25 Phase 2.  This repeater is a software defined unit that integrates impressive performance with durable construction to support a wide range of user requirements and applications not only today but in the future.  Enabling IP voice and data packets to be sent over a Harris P25IP network and be received the base statin.  This setup enables all of the advantages of IP.  With advanced features like Linear Simulcast for superior coverage, software upgradeable to P25 Phase II (TDMA) and compact and integrated hardware allowing up to 8 Channels per Cabinet.

* Available in VHF (150-174 MHz), UHF (380-400 MHz), 700 MHz (764-817 MHz) and 800 MHz (806-870 MHz)
* Capable of 4 channels per 5 Rack Unit Shelf
* Seamless integration of off-the-shelf IP data applications
* Linear Simulcast for superior coverage
* Software upgradeable to P25 Phase 2 (TDMA)
* Module design of the base station makes maintenance and servicing simple and fast


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