Unication G5 Pager

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The G-Series P25 Voice Paging Solutions

The G5 is the Industry First Dual Band P25 Voice Pager

With the G5 Pager your device will support:
* Analog 2-Tone Conventional
* P25 Trunking
* P25 Conventional

Available in:
* UHF & 700-800MHz
* VHF & 700/800MHz

Key Features:
* Accommodates Multiple P25 Trunked and P25 Conventional Systems
* Supports 800MHz Analog Frequencies
* Supports up to 256 Control Channels/per Trunked System
* Supports Full Spectrum Scan for P25 Trunked System
* Supports Multiple TGIDs for Monitoring and Alerting
* Supports Priority TGID Scan
* Supports Multiselect for Efficient Use of Traffic Channels
* Allows for Customized Alerts using WAV/MP3 Files
* Alerting Options base on a Selector Knob Setting
* Each Band Supports P25 Trunking, P25 Conventional, Conventional Channel Monitoring and 2-Tone Decoding
* Full 2-Tone Function Mode Support (Selective Call, Monitor, Scan Options)
* Supports Multiple 2-Tone Codes per Frequency
* IP67 RATING Waterproof & Dustproof
* Submersible up to 3ft. for 30 Minutes
* High Impact Resistant color Screen with Rugged Housing
* 2 Year Standard Warranty with an Option for 3 Additional Years
* Bluetooth
* 32 Minutes Voice Storage
* 32 Minutes Voice Memo

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