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Rear spoiler molded linear LED light stick, multiple flash patterns, arrow functions (optional) and linear LED modules. 


Road Alert Message Sign

Category: Light Bars

Valor™ Lightbar, SpectraLux™ Multicolor LED Technology available in combinations of Amber, Blue, Redor White.  Solaris® LED reflector technology.  Quick disconnect for service.  Optional LED HotFoot® mounting for LED alley and takedown.  Flood light capability.

Category: Light Bars

Legend® Lightbar, Ultra bright white LED takedowns and alleys.  Solaris® LED technology maximizes warning signals at 360-degrees and 90-degrees off-axis.  Built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning.

Category: Light Bars

LPX Series, Solaris® LED reflector technology.  All-LED lightbar.  Built-in SignalMaster, front/rear cut-off, intersection warning and "dimming" functions.

Category: Light Bars

Vision® SLR, SpectraLux™ multicolor LED technology available in various color combinations.  Solaris® LED reflector technology and superior off-axis warning.  Flood light capability.  Available in various configurations: NFPA, 3 Pod and Split mount.

Category: Light Bars

Solaris® ILS, interior mount warning light.  Built-in SignalMaster™ in rear models.  Front and rear models function together as a lightbar, offering front and rear cut-off along with dimming features.  Ultra bright white LED takedowns.  Perfect for slicktop, highway and undercover applications.

Category: Light Bars

IMPAXX,Exterior mount, Perimeter warning lights.