Federal Signal

Federal Signal is The Driving Force behind the technology that provides safe and reliable emergency warning for first responders. It is our commitment to engineer the most reliable and high-performing products for your emergency vehicle.

Please contact Ka-Comm directly if you don't see the specific Federal Signal products that you are looking for. Below is a fraction of the products that Federal Signal offers.




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Category: Light Bars

Valor™ Lightbar, SpectraLux™ Multicolor LED Technology available in combinations of Amber, Blue, Redor White.  Solaris® LED reflector technology.  Quick disconnect for service.  Optional LED HotFoot® mounting for LED alley and takedown.  Flood light capability.

Category: Light Bars

Legend® Lightbar, Ultra bright white LED takedowns and alleys.  Solaris® LED technology maximizes warning signals at 360-degrees and 90-degrees off-axis.  Built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning.

Category: Light Bars

LPX Series, Solaris® LED reflector technology.  All-LED lightbar.  Built-in SignalMaster, front/rear cut-off, intersection warning and "dimming" functions.

Category: Light Bars

Vision® SLR, SpectraLux™ multicolor LED technology available in various color combinations.  Solaris® LED reflector technology and superior off-axis warning.  Flood light capability.  Available in various configurations: NFPA, 3 Pod and Split mount.

Category: Light Bars

Solaris® ILS, interior mount warning light.  Built-in SignalMaster™ in rear models.  Front and rear models function together as a lightbar, offering front and rear cut-off along with dimming features.  Ultra bright white LED takedowns.  Perfect for slicktop, highway and undercover applications.

Category: Light Bars

IMPAXX,Exterior mount, Perimeter warning lights.

Category: Light Bars

Integrity lightbar from Federal Signal is a distinct modern shaped linear lightbar with built-in multi-color LED technology. SpectraLux allows for a single light head to change color while in operation, providing 360-degrees of continuous light output from takedown and alleys to an impressive flood feature. Use its all white-flood light to locate a suspect or select an amber flash pattern to safely direct traffic.

Category: Sirens

SmartSiren Platinum.