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The XG-75Pe Series Multi-mode portable radio is a single-band radio operating in the UHF-H and 700/800 frequency bands.  Additionally, the XG-75Pe is a future-ready solution with P25 Phase 2 capability via  software upgrade. This radio delivers the clear and exceptional audio that users have grown to expect from Harris.  Combining a dual microphone, AMBE+2™ vocoder, and active noise cancellation algorithm, this radio provides a best-in-class audio experience in extreme noise and harsh environments.  The XG-75Pe is also configurable with immersion and UL C1D1 HAZLOC ratings along with its High visibility Yellow housing.

* Available in UHF (450-522 MHz) and 700/800 (769-861 MHz)
* A 3-position A-B-C switch allows access to 48 talkgroups/channels directly from the top of the radio
* Single-key DES and Encryption Lite (ADP/ARC4 compatible) Encryption are standard
* Multi-key DES/AES encryption upgradeable
* Instant recall of received audio replays the last transmission received to avoid repetition
* Optional Immersion rating
* Optional UL certification for C1D1 HAZLOC


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