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Telex Network Recorder

  • The Telex Network Recorder allows you to monitor and record audio for any channel in real time, and stores detailed information for each call and event in an SQL database for quick and easy retrieval. This includes source IP addresses, channel changes, crosspatch creation and tear down, supervisor mode start and end, ANI, date/time/ call duration, line number, scan status, and NEO-10 relay input while supporting Windows 7 and DFSI-P25.
  • The recorder monitors the radio network for audio packets and records specific criteria. These are stored as raw PCM audio and are then compressed into MP3 files. A 32-bit digital signature is added to the file to guarantee its authenticity. Both RX and TX audio are stored and separated for search purposes.

Telex Remote Database Reviewer

  • The Remote Database Reviewer and Network Recorder’s relationship is as client and server. The Remote Database Reviewer (client) connects to Network Recorder (server), and a session is created. While the session is active, the Remote Database Reviewer is able to perform database queries and request audio from the Network Recorder server. As long as the session is active, the session’s user account is also considered active. When the Remote Database Reviewer is closed, the session ends and the user becomes inactive. The Network Recorder allows for six sessions at a time.
  • The Telex Remote Database Reviewer software is a stateof- the-art tool that enables users to remotely access the Telex Network Recorder’s database of audio files for playback and data export, to generate a report for portable viewing. The Remote Database Reviewer is able to stream and copy audio files and data from the Network Recorder’s archive of recorded audio.
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